URGENT Jabouri: Kurds refuse to cancel the referendum and may accept postponement

2017/10/9 0:10


"The Kurds refuse to cancel the referendum and may accept postponement," said the Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri. "We are not advocates of internal strife and not advocates of partition."
Jubouri said during a television interview after his visit to Arbil on Sunday and his meeting with the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani, "The methodologyof the House of Representatives in making decisions towards the referendum of the region stems from concern for the Kurdistan region and its people."
"There are a number of proposals have been talked about with the Kurdistan region to resolve the crisis," noting that "the Constitution and the Federal Court are Al-Faisal and the starting point towards any dialogue."
Jubouri pointed out that "the decisions taken in Parliament respect them and do not bear the nature of the siege, and the referendum of separation does not exist in the Constitution."
"If the constitutional provisions were applied clearly to remove many problems, and our problem not to apply constitutional articles and not to the absence of text."
"We are keen on the Kurds as part of the Iraqi people and unity, as well as our concern for the rest of the components of our people, and should not use force and threat because it will be a justification for separation."
He stressed that "the wisdom must be present in addressing the existing crisis," noting that "the options that were circulated at the meeting of Arbil will be transferred to the stakeholders for study and research in the interest of the country, and must be an Iraqi solution without the need for external interventions."