URGENT Kurdish official says hundreds of al-Hawija pilgrims surrendered to Peshmerga

2017/10/10 19:43


A Kurdish security official said on Tuesday that hundreds of suspected terrorists had surrendered last week to the Peshmerga forces.
The official, who asked not to be named, told Reuters the suspects were part of a group of men who fled toward Kurdish-controlled lines when Iraqi forces took controlof Hawija, the last terrorist stronghold in northern Iraq.
The Kurdish official in Erbil said the suspects surrendered to the Peshmerga forces in the Kurdish-controlled city of Kirkuk east of Hawija.
"It is fair to say that hundreds of people may be calling, but that will be clear after the interrogation."
The security forces and the popular crowd recovered Hawija and surrounding areas on the fifth of this month.
The last area controlled by a fugitive in Iraq is a plot of land along the western border with Syria, including Qaim district border west of Anbar.
The so-called "Khilafah State" declared by the terrorist leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in the region actually fell in July when Iraqi forces recaptured Mosul, a stronghold of Iraq, in a nine-month battle that left many victims, hundreds of thousands of displaced people, The city's infrastructure, which is estimated to cost billions of dollars.