URGENT Yaar Allah announces the end of the liberation of Hawija

Posted, 2017/10/11 23:23


The commander of the liberation of Hawija, Lieutenant-General Abdul-Amir Rasheed Yarallah, announced the end of the liberation of the Hawija district from gangs of terrorist.
A statement issued by the Iraqi Army Information Agency received a copy of Yarallah saying that "the 9th Armored Divisionand brigades 2, 11, 26, 42, 56 and 88 of the popular crowd are completing their duties in the second phase and have completed their duty to liberate Hawija after liberating the southern part From the center of the province of Hawija and liberate the area of ​​Riyadh and the liberation of [161] villages and area and control of the road Fatha - Riyadh towards Kirkuk and full control of the Hamrin range from the bridge Zghiton up to the bridge and a distance of 45 km and a depth of 15 km.
"The units of the army, the federal police, the rapid response, the anti-terrorist forces, the popular mobilization forces, the support and the support of the army air force are completing their tasks of liberating Hawija," he said.