Kurdistan: We will not use the Internet as a pressure card against Baghdad



The Ministry of Communications in the Kurdistan Regional Government on Wednesday that it will not resort to cutting the Internet, which connects Iraq from Turkey across the region as a pressure card, stressing that Iraq gets the Internetfrom several ports and not only through Kurdistan.

The official spokesman of the Ministry of Transport and Communications in the Kurdistan Regional Government, Amid Mohammed Saleh told the newspaper "Middle East", "Internet companies operating in Kurdistan is not the only one that provides Iraq with the Internet, Iraq receives the Internet from Kuwait and the Persian Gulf and Iran , And the Kurdistan companies provide a section of the Internet in southern and central Iraq.

Saleh added that "the provision of Internet services has nothing to do with the ministries of transport and communications in the region and Baghdad, and even approved Internet companies in the region is to provide this service to other areas of Iraq through commercial relations between companies."

On the transfer of telecommunications companies from Arbil to Baghdad, Saleh explained, "We have nothing to say in this context, because the three telecom companies (Korek Telecom, Asia Cell and Zain Iraq) have not taken their leave from our ministry, Federal to work throughout Iraq, and is subject to all Iraqi instructions. "