Abadi: We can not fight a war against our Kurdish citizens (expanded)

2017/10/12 16:00


[Baghdad: Al-Furat News} Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi refused to use the army against the Iraqi people and go to war against Kurdish citizens and others.
"We have achieved the miracle of victory and we have come a long and painful way, and our heroic forces and all the Iraqis and the people of Anbar have made precious sacrifices that we mustpreserve in our national unity," Abadi said during a press conference. And I will inform you of the return of the last inch of a mosque in Anbar soon. "
"We are working hard to speed up the restoration of stability in Anbar province. We must close the IDP camps and return every displaced citizen to his home as soon as possible, and the success of Anbar must be maintained," he said.
Abadi said that "the unity of Iraq unity and unity of its people, and we warn of attempts to return to square one and the return of sectarian discourse and division and negligence in the interest of the homeland and the citizen."
He called on the sons of Anbar "to fight corruption and consider it a fundamental issue and not secondary because corruption is not less dangerous than terrorism."
"Our army, which achieved the miracle of victory by the testimony of the world and became one of the strongest armies in the region on the level of fighting on the ground and Iraqi self-strength can not be used against our people or we fight against our fellow Kurds and others, but also our duty to maintain the unity of the country and the implementation of the Constitution and protect citizens Of any aggression and the extension of the federal authority and subjecting oil imports and border crossings for control for the benefit of the Kurdish citizen to protect the national wealth and the interest of the Kurdish citizen.
"The current crisis is not our own."
Abadi, after discussing the security, economic and service situation in Anbar province, called for the formation of committees of Anbar people on humanitarian, judicial and criminal problems. "We will not protect any of the people who assaulted the citizens," he said.