Minister of Water Resources: Derbendkhan dam is worrisome and a plan is in place if it collapses

2017/11/13 8:50


The Minister of Water Resources, Hassan al-Janabi, described the situation of the Darbandakhan dam in Sulaymaniyah province, which is located on the Diyala River, as "disturbing" after the powerful earthquake that hit Iraq on Sunday evening.
He said al - Janabi , in his page on Facebook in late last night: the situation is worrying only now we have is Derbandikhan because of the size of the visible damage,and tomorrow morning {today} a team of specialists will travel from the ministry of engineers and geologists to support our fellow operators Derbandikhan dam ".
" Without "The pre-emptive decisions of the first priority is to ensure their safety and the safety of citizens by gradually emptying water reservoirs in the dam, but we will comply with the advice of experts and I have confidence in their abilities and expertise."
The Minister of Water Resources warned that " "The electrical power is unstable at the site and it is not possible to ascertain the extent of the damage at this time," he said. "He
pointed out that" the amount of storage in the dam of Derbendkhan, which is located on the top of the river Diyala is currently about 1.5 billion cubic meters, or about 55% of the storage capacity, "pointing out that" and on the same river and down from Derbendkhan Dam Hamrin, Is about 1.6 billion cubic meters, if citizens take caution, the flood wave, if it happened Ahyar Derbandikhan God forbid, it can be absorbed in the dam Hamrin. "
He also confirmed that the Dokan Dam, located on the small Zab River 60 kilometers north-west of Sulaymaniyah, and through the "visual inspection of the body of the dam is safe as well as the hydroelectric station, and there is the usual discharge from the station as well as from one of the lower outlets of up to 110 cubic meters per second."
He added that "all visual tests and eye monitoring did not refer to any emergency in the dam and the safety of the dam is reassuring."