Government of Kurdistan confirms its respect for the decision of the Federal Court of the unity of Iraq

2017/11/14 11:58


The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on Tuesday expressed its respect for the Supreme Federal Court's interpretation of article 1 of the constitution, stressing that this should be the basis for starting a comprehensive national dialogue to resolve the constitutional disputes in its entirety.
The provincial government said in a statement today that"at the request of the Secretary-General of the Federal Council of Ministers on 5/11/2017, the Federal Supreme Court issued on 6/11/2017 decision No. (122 / Federal 2017) on the interpretation of Article I of the Iraqi Constitution, States that "the Republic of Iraq is a single federal state, fully sovereign, the system of government is a parliamentary (parliamentary) democratic, and this Constitution guarantees the unity of Iraq}."
The statement added, "Confirmation of the commitment of the Kurdistan region always to seek the solution of differences between the federal authorities and the region through constitutional and legal ways, and from our position is known to welcome all initiatives in this direction, especially the initiative of Sistani, and some Iraqi figures, and friendly countries of the Iraqi people on the return to the Constitution to resolve differences, In this sense, we respect the interpretation of the first article of the Constitution by the Federal Supreme Court. "
The Kurdistan Regional Government confirmed its belief that the decision of the Federal Court is the basis for initiating a comprehensive national dialogue to resolve disputes by applying all constitutional articles in a manner that guarantees the protection of the rights, powers and competencies contained in the Constitution as the only way to ensure the unity of Iraq referred to in Article 1 of the Constitution, Statement.
The Federal Supreme Court confirmed in a statement on the sixth of this month an explanation of the first article of the Iraqi Constitution as concluded that this article and other related constitutional articles on the unity of Iraq, and Article (109) of the Constitution all federal authorities to maintain this unit .
In its decision, the Federal Supreme Court ruled that there is no provision in the Constitution that allows for the separation of any of its components provided for in Article 116 of the Constitution under its provisions.
The court also mentioned in a previous statement on the second of this month to receive the demands of the request to rule on the unconstitutionality of the referendum held on 25 September last, and said that the resolution of these cases is dependent on informing the other party in the case, which was communicated to him by the representative of the Kurdistan Region in the Council And the last confirmation was made on 18/10/2017.
The court set the date of 20 of this month as a date to consider the proceedings of the referendum in the Kurdistan region, confirming that it is waiting for the return of the notice from the defendant region.