Three prominent points prevent the adoption of the budget of 2018

2017/12/3 12:02


{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} Three prominent points stand in the way of the adoption of the House of Representatives of the draft budget bill for 2018.
The source told the parliamentary {Euphrates News} a copy of it, that "three prominent points prevent the passage of the budget where the block Kurdish blocsto reduce the share of the province of Kurdistan in the budget from 17% to 12%."
"The coalition of strong Iraqi forces also believes that what has been allocated to the liberated areas is not commensurate with the percentage of destruction and the size of its age."
The source pointed out that "the National Alliance wants to install 5% of the oil and gas producing provinces, with government guarantees to apply because the past years have been proven in the budget but not implemented."
The House of Representatives intends to hold an extraordinary session on Sunday to read the bill of the budget of 2018 reading first.
The parliamentary source revealed the vote in its session scheduled today vote in principle to reject the budget sent by the government and returned to it because of many of the observations on it. "
The member of the parliamentary committee Mahasen Hamdoun of {Euphrates News}, the most prominent articles included in the budget bill , Stressing that "free of the items that serve the Iraqi citizen"
Hamdoun said that "the size of the budget of 2018 is 104 trillion dinars, and the default deficit of 14 trillion dinars (or 13.4%)."
She added that "the value of budget revenues is 90 trillion dinars And 77 trillions of which are imports of oil (85.5%) and 13 trillions Na from other sectors. "
In the Finance Committee indicated a member of Magda Tamimi that" the employees ' salaries deducted the percentage was identical to the rate of deduction in 2017 and by 3.8% while reducing the region 's share to 12.67% and determine the price of $ 46 per barrel of oil ".anthy