Justice and Integrity and the Official Gazette apologizes for the news of "shocking"

2017/12/3 14:36


(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The Supreme Judicial Council and the Integrity Commission and the official newspaper Al-Sabah have apologized for the shocking news that spread quickly on Sunday morning in social networking sites and various media.
The newspaper Al-Sabah - the official and state-owned newspaper - issued a statement to the head of the Integrity Agency, Hassan al-Yasiri, that the Commission referred the three vice presidents and many other ministers to the judiciaryon the grounds of illegal gain.
Al-Yasiri quickly issued a statement denying the news and said that he had "transferred a mistake from Al-Sabah newspaper from a previous meeting published today. He mentioned in the course of the meeting information about the issuance of previous resolutions mentioned in the annual reports of [201/2016] The media and the website of the Board ".
A statement of integrity, "The Chairman of the Board pointed out in the same meeting that the body had opened the file of graft for the first time in Iraq by the end of 2015 and in 2016, as the opening of this file to refer former deputy prime ministers to the judiciary at the time [ 201/2016], not Vice-President of the Republic. "
He also denied the Supreme Judicial Council on the tongue of his spokesman, Judge Abdul Sattar Berqdar, the judiciary received any lawsuit against the Vice-President of the Republic, according to the newspaper reported the number of Sunday, "calling" the media and political figures and administrative not to circulate inaccurate remarks constitute abuse to others as that constitutes A crime punishable by law and not to exploit the name of the judiciary for the purpose of illegal purposes. "
The editor of the newspaper Al-Sabah, Abbas Abboud, reinforced this exile, where he issued the intention of Borod what he called" the typographical error in the newspaper interview with the head of the Integrity Commission, who talked about referring the deputy prime ministers to the investigation Earlier, the words of the Vice-President of the Republic as a typographical error "in advance" apologized to the Vice-President of the Republic and to the public of the newspaper. "
The news comes with the government's intention to launch a campaign against corruption, where the corrupt Prime Minister Haidar Abadi promised" surprises "in this campaign.