Secret meeting between al-Maliki and the melting of Trump in Baghdad!

Sunday, December 03, 2017 at 17:48 pm


Follow-up / Sky Press:

US Vice President Jared Kouchner met with former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on an unannounced visit.

"A secret visit by a military plane arranged for Kouchner to meet with Maliki behind the scenes without being announced," said Gen. Joe Danford, the chief of staff of the US military. "Talks are going onwith Maliki," he said.

The news, which was followed by "Sky Press" that the meeting took about two hours, but did not announce the promises made during which and the nature of the agreement between the parties, despite Maliki's relationship with the United States is characterized by weakness, but considers it "the thing that must be"

The meeting was said days of the visit of British Prime Minister Teresa May and meet her in Abadi.

America is trying to obtain a consensus for its presence in Iraq by political actors that have an impact on the country's arena.

Kouchner, 36, has a major influence on the internal and external policies of the new administration. He was the main intermediary between Trump and foreign governments, with Maliki as the first deputy president of Iraq and secretary-general of the Dawa party, which controls most of Iraq's political spectrum.