Expert: Parliament is not entitled to "legally" enter the legislative holidays before passing the budget

2017-12-03 at 18:14 (Baghdad time)


Special - Mawazine News
The legal expert, Tariq Harb, on Sunday, that the House of Representatives does not have the right to legally and constitutionally enter the legislative holiday before the enactment of the budget law 2018, while noting that the Parliament to take the necessary legislation on the law before the 31st of this month.
"The Constitution does not have the right to enter into its legislativeholiday before the enactment of the Budget Law 2018," Harb told Mawazine News. "The Constitution says (the term of the legislative term is extended as long as the budget law is not legislated), and therefore the current legislative term extends At the request of the Speaker of Parliament until the 31st of this month. "
Abizaid said that "because the draft budget law has reached the House of Representatives, so he has to take what is necessary on the legislation of the law," stressing "no constitutional and legal path to the parliament to stop or stop work or to enter his vacation during the month as a whole."
According to a parliamentary source, today, the House of Representatives raised its meeting to, Tuesday (2 / January / 2018).
The House of Representatives held this afternoon a discussion session in which the general budget for 2018 was discussed.
The parliament, raising the general budget for 2018, on Saturday (2 / December / 2017), of its agenda after the objection of some political blocs. Ended 29
From: Hussein Al - Nasser