Parliamentary expectations of delaying the adoption of the budget until February 2018

06/12/2017 12:00 am


Finance Committee: Government has developed a solution to address the share of the region
Baghdad / follow-up morning
Members of the House of Representatives expected that the budget will be delayed until February 2018 for the large differences and objections by the political blocs. The parliamentary finance committee confirmed that the forms obtainedin the Kurdistan Region share of the federal budget for the next year 2018 by the Federal Council of Ministers will be dealt with Parliament, the deputy Jassem Mohammed Jaafar, that the amounts allocated to the province budget amounts to 14 trillion and the liberated provinces of ten trillions, calling for a fair Basra province, which is considered "basket of Iraq."
The MP for the coalition of state law, Ibtisam al-Hilali, in a press statement followed by "morning": "The Finance Committee received many requests and proposals from the political blocs on the budget and there are strong objections to the items," adding that "the House of Representatives will discuss all objections and make amendments and presented to the government Before passing in order to avoid being challenged by the government, "noting that" the budget is likely to be delayed until February of 2018 for the differences on them. "
In turn, called a member of the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives, high Nassif, Prime Minister Haider Abadi, "written agreements" in order to pass the budget law, stressing that the challenges facing the law may threaten to "postpone consideration".
Nassif said in a press statement: "There are concerns about the budget law may translate into postponement of consideration if there were no written agreements written by Prime Minister Haider Abadi," indicating that "the budget faces great challenges because of the absence of allocations and throwing the ball in the parliament" , Nassif pointed out that "the most prominent of these challenges the continuation of the work of the oil agreement with Kurdistan, despite the extension of the federal government control of Kirkuk oil and the allocation of the amount of trillion and 200 million dinars to the Peshmerga forces," and showed Nassif, "the Union of forces presented 11 points on the reconstruction of liberated areas From the control of the preacher, while the budget is not _khasasat this side. " The region 's share for his part, confirmed the parliamentary Finance Committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed in a statement followed the "morning" that " the federal government reduced the share of Kurdistan within a federal draft budget for next year, but at the same time introduced the paragraphs in the budget , including the draft paragraph 39 , which indicates that the Council The ministers added financial allocations for salaries of employees, the purchase of weapons, and electricity issues. He explained that "the government recognizes that the figure set for Kurdistan is not enough, especially for staff, so I put a material to amend the forms," ​​he said, stressing that "the parliament will transfer from the money allocated for sovereign allocations to the operating budget." In the context, MP Jassim Mohammed Jafar said in a statement received by "morning": "The budget went a balanced way when it relied on the census and distributed among the provinces, including the provinces of the region closer to justice, except Basra, which needs more fairness," calling the House of Representatives to "Balance the budget as fast as possible." Jafar added that "the amounts allocated to the region up to about 14 trillion and the three liberated provinces (Nineveh, Salah al-Din and Anbar) up to the limit of ten," noting that "Basra, although it (basket Iraq), but suffer poverty and therefore need to resolve the petrodollar or add Towards Tralionin to be closer to the share of equity as other provinces. " "The other provinces did not receive any grant when the Kurdistan region and the three liberated provinces were granted grants in 2017 to about 3 trillion dollars," Jaafar described as "the demands of the Union of Forces and Kurds to increase their balance of injustice." Constitutional violation of its part, called for the National Coalition MP Jamila Obeidi, the government to send the final accounts for the budget this year and previous years, noting that sending the draft budget law without the final accounts is a "constitutional violation." Jumaili said in a press statement: "The Constitution obliges the government to send the draft budget law accompanying the final accounts of the budget this year to find out what is left of them and the amount of money disbursed and this has not happened four consecutive years," adding that "the President of the Republic is obliged to force the government to send the final accounts in his capacity Patron of the Constitution and its application, "loaded with the Ministry of Finance" responsible for those violations as the body supervising the implementation of the government's financial policy, "as she put it. Petrodollar maturity , in turn, called on the governor of Dhi Qar Yahya Nazareth, the central government to include the province benefits from the proceeds of petrodollar within the general budget for 2018. items , said Nazareth in a press statement on Tuesday: " The province did not receive any amounts of these revenues during the last period, it Which reflected negatively on the environmental and service reality in light of the delay of more than 400 projects because of the financial crisis. "He pointed out that" petrodollars were allocated to compensate the affected industry and improve the environmental situation in the province. " Naseiri said that "the province hopes the central government to pay special attention to the affected provinces and work to launch those late allocations to address the decline in services because of the financial crisis."