Transport: Two giant ships will arrive in Iraq within two weeks to strengthen the fleet

2017/12/07 11:17


Baghdad today - follow-up

The Ministry of Transport, Laith al-Rubaie, said on Wednesday that two giant ships will arrive in Iraq during the next two weeks to strengthen the country's maritime fleet, and between the loading capacity of 30 thousand tons each, he said that the ministry's staff began to identify river basins and stations fortinkering in my provinces Najaf and Salah al-Din.

"The next two weeks will witness the arrival of two giant vessels and a loading card of up to 30 thousand tons each, which raises the number of vessels operating in the country's fleet to eight," quoted the semi-official newspaper Al-Rubaie as saying that "the two ships will carry ration card loads, rice and wheat for Iraqi-Vietnamese Company. "

He pointed out that "the ministry is currently considering the possibility of buying ships with large capacity for the purpose of transporting wheat payloads between America, Australia and Iraq."

For his part, Director General of the General Company for Maritime Transport in the ministry, Abdul Karim Kanhal al-Jabri that "his company sent a team to the province of Salah al-Din to determine the new sites for river berths after the team meets with the local government there," noting that "the team, which was sent at the level From the professional and experienced in the selection of sites proposed for the construction of anchors.

He pointed out that the company signed a joint contract with a private sector company for public transport and maritime services to set up and operate the Marsa Taksi river station in Kufa in Najaf province, noting that the project will provide large tourism services at the level of river transport for the people of Najaf province.

Kanhal said that "there is a plan for the establishment of marinas and stations for the encampment in the provinces of Diyala, Anbar and Nineveh. The company has started to identify the sites to implement this project, noting that the Ministry of Transport and through the General Company for Maritime Transport seeks to promote the culture of river transport because of its importance in the ease and smooth movement of people from Through modern river boats, pointing out that his company is on the river projects important during the next period aims to revive river tourism and maximize the company's financial resources.