Parliamentary Finance reveals the requirement of the Kurds to approve the budget of 2018

2018/1/4 8:50


(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Revealed a member of the Finance Committee parliamentary Jabbar Abadi, the abstention of the Kurdish deputies to approve the financial budget for 2018, but the approval of 17% and not 12% as approved by the federal government.
"Abadi told the {Euphrates News} that" Kurdish blocs confirmed in a meeting yesterday not to vote on the paragraphs of the budget,except the presence of Prime Minister Haider Abadi to the meeting and discuss the proportion of the region with him.
He pointed to "the insistence of the Kurdish blocs on the proportion of {17%} and the threat not to vote on the adoption of the budget."
The Prime Minister Haider Abadi said last Tuesday that "there are those who want to delay the adoption of budget 2108 so as not to raise the budget of the new region because he has a share of the theft of oil for years."
"We do not want the situation in Kurdistan to be worse than it is, and we are keen that the money reaches the pockets of the citizens, not for others," he said. For the province "