Parliament votes on two resolutions and ends reading four laws [expanded]

2018/1/7 16:02


[Ayna-Baghdad] The
voice of the House of Representatives in the second regular session of the second legislative term for the fourth legislative year held under the chairmanship of Salim al-Jubouri, Speaker of the House of Representatives and the presence of 195 deputies today on the decisions of deputies and ended the reading of four laws and startedreading one draft law.
According to a statement of the Information Department of the House of Representatives received the agency of all Iraq [where] a copy of it today, the parliament voted at the beginning of the session on a parliamentary decision on Jerusalem at the request of MP Hamid al-Khudari and a number of deputies condemned the decision issued by the President of the United States on Jerusalem and prepared a provocative decision For peace and security, stressing that Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine, calling on the government to make diplomatic efforts to respect the privacy of Jerusalem "
On the other hand, Jubouri pointed out that" the draft budget law on the agenda is pushing some parliamentary blocs to not enter the session, Quorum Nay, referring to the existence of a discussion on the financial budget with the government, which pointed to the possibility of amendments to the draft law, calling on the financial and economic committees to complete the budget consultations for the purpose of including the draft law on the agenda. "
The Chairman of the Finance Committee, The budget law does not change the political objections of the blocks
On the other hand ended the Council to read the report and discuss the proposed law of the House of Representatives and formations submitted by the legal and financial committees.
The Council completed the interventions of deputies and drew MP Tawfiq al-Kaabi to the importance of the proposed law of the House of Representatives as he sets up a mechanism for oversight in order to exercise its role.
MP Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum called for tightening measures that oblige the government to implement the decisions taken by the House of Representatives.
In its response to the interventions, the Committee on the Proposed Law stressed the need to consider the proposals and observations submitted by the deputies on the importance of approving the proposal of the law, which gives legislative and supervisory power to the Council and its organization of work.
Al-Jubouri pointed out to the question of whether or not to answer the questions of the Minister of Communications at a meeting on Sunday next Monday in the meeting on Monday to set a date to question the Minister of Electricity as well as a timetable for all requests for interrogations provided.
The Council voted on the wording of a decision submitted by the Culture and Information Committee, which requires the concerned authorities to facilitate the procedures of exporting the Iraqi book in a manner consistent with the multiplicity of income resources of the State. The Council of Representatives shall take the necessary legal measures to deal with this matter, in view of the effects of the Iraqi book. the outside.
The Council completed the reading of a report and discussion of the draft law amending the Penal Code contained in Penal Code No. 111 of 1969 amending and other special laws No. 6 of 2008 submitted by the Legal Committee.
The Council completed the reading of a report and discussion of the Turkmen Human Rights Bill submitted by the Commission on Human Rights.
In the interventions of the deputies, MP Hassan Tauran stressed the importance of building institutions guaranteeing Turkmen right not to make it to the executive circles and end the policy of marginalization.
MP Abbas al-Bayati proposed the formation of a council of Turkmen parliamentarians and the degree of minister overseeing the rights of Turkmen.
MP Niazi Oglu called for the fairness of the Turkmen in the joints of the state and to end the continued marginalization of their right to the political process.
The deputy said Talabani on the need to equal rights through the vote on the laws on the disputed land and resolved, and prove the rights of components through the parliamentary committee formed and according to the opinion of the government.
MP Yonadam Kanna stressed the importance of lifting the injustice of all components, implementing constitutional and executive procedures and ending the practices and wrong policies in the state bodies.
For his part, MP Sharkhwan Abdullah urged the enactment of a law guaranteeing the rights of all components and not one component.
Representative Vian Dakhil pointed out that the division of rights on the basis of the components will lead to the division of the people of one people, calling for a unified law that includes everyone, including minorities.
MP Mohammad Taqi al-Mawla said that the lack of equitable distribution of all leads to the demand for such laws, especially in light of the lack of return of rights and land in Kirkuk to its people.
For his part, confirmed Turhan Mufti representative of the government in the House of Representatives the need to prove the rights of Turkmen without any financial obligations through administrative procedures, pointing to the government to send a letter to withdraw the bill because of financial consequences.
The Council completed the reading of a report and discussion on the proposed law of Samarra, the capital of Islamic culture, submitted by the committees of tourism, archeology and law.
In the interventions of Deputies MP MP Neyazi Amaroglu that the city of Samarra symbols of high in the history of Iraq and suffered from the former regime has not been fair in the current era, calling for legislation proposed law.
The MP Ammar Tohma, the need to focus on cultural activities through the establishment of cultural universities in Samarra take the responsibility of the dissemination of Islamic culture and the heritage of the military imams [p]
In the interventions of the deputies confirmed the relevant committees that the proposed law includes the formation of joint committees with the local government in Samarra, A decision that was based on the postponement of Najaf as the capital of Islamic culture by a decision of the Council of Ministers, which requires naming the city as such, noting that the selection of Samarra as the capital of Islamic culture does not contradict the choice of Najaf.
The Council started the first reading of the draft law of the Information and Communications Authority, submitted by the committees of services, reconstruction, culture and information, to be completed in a future session for the purpose of organizing the work in the means of communication and preparing the main controls for broadcasting and the media and their accreditation in granting licenses, On network services and their interconnection, the regulation of radio frequency spectrum, radios, wireless terminal equipment, user protection and information and standards for information work.
On the other hand, Jubouri announced that in the intention to issue a decision to lift the immunity of all those who have received their names with books from the Supreme Judicial Council to go to the judiciary to resolve the issues, stressing that the House of Representatives will not allow the protection of any person.
The Speaker of the House of Representatives that the law gave the right to any deputy if he wishes to submit the resignation and this is what was done with MP Mutashar al-Samarrai, who submitted the resignation for satisfactory reasons, indicating that the alternative for the resigning MP ordered by the Electoral Commission on the basis of official books in this regard where a request was made by Ammar Samurai who He pointed out that the highest losers of the bloc headed by Muthanna al-Samarrai, also received a request from Osama Nujaifi that the highest losers of the bloc headed by Mr. Jassim Mumtaz Jassim instead of the resigning MP and referred requests to the Electoral Commission and the Legal Committee.
The President of the Council that the Electoral Commission confirmed that the highest losers within the bloc and the entity is Muthanna Abdul Samad, referring to the receipt of a request from MP Riyad Ghali on the candidates Monday and to refer the matter to the Legal Committee to discuss the resignation and alternative, pointing out that the request was submitted and hand handed to the Legal Committee, The existence of a legal or constitutional impediment to submit the resignation of a member of the House of Representatives and the fact that the alternative of the same entity and the province and the highest losers and there is no legal impediment to replace Muthanna Samurai with the outgoing MP Mutashar Samurai, stressing that there is no way to apply the law and object to asylum Li eliminate known contexts.
Jabouri directed the legal committee to hold a meeting tomorrow to discuss the issue and make recommendations in this regard.
It was then decided to resume the session on 8 January 2018.