Deputy: Budget is not worth the price of paper printed on it

2018/1/7 9:46


{Baghdad: Al Furat News} Deputy stressed the need to include an important article on the benefits of the provinces in the draft federal budget law for the year 2018.
The MP from the coalition of state law Zeinab al-Khazraji in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of "to include the rights of the oil-producing provinces of the petrodollar within the budget this year as a constitutional entitlement and a public demand to maintain thatthis right has not been given to oil-producing provinces for years Despite the many demands for them as representatives of those provinces. "
"If the budget of the current year does not include the petrodollar maturity, the failure to approve the budget is better than approving it because they will not vote on the budget, which is not equal to the price of paper on which the budget was printed."
Al-Khazraji added that "the oil-producing provincial deputies adhere to this constitutional right away from any electoral propaganda as some try to confuse the papers and call the claim of petrodollar election propaganda because this is not true and can not be tolerated more."
She added that "the country's budget comes from the provinces of the south and is marginalized and suffer deterioration in the reality of service, health and education, not to mention the interruption of projects because of lack of financial liquidity, especially that there are projects have collapsed despite repeated requests of the federal government."
She explained that "the budget of the current year will not be like previous balances of the previous years, which robbed the right petrodollar and we are determined to include this right and half of the provinces of the South oil-producing and if not given this right, we will not pass the budget and non-approval is better than approval because of not giving us the right Which has robbed us for years despite great claims but to no avail. "