Kuwaiti official unveils details of Iraq reconstruction conference

2018/1/8 19:00


(KUNA) - Kuwaiti Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah said on Monday that the Kuwait International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq will be held from February 12 to 14, stressing that "Kuwait's support for Iraq has not stopped and will not stop."
Al-Jarallah said during a press conference held in Kuwait on the occasion of the announcement of the conference on reconstruction of Iraq that "the security and stability of Iraq from the security and stability of Kuwait and logic, and Kuwait has won its humanitarian,moral, Arab and Islamic role to support and support Iraq."
He pointed out that "the State of Kuwait has begun preparations for the conference, since the Amir announced his intention to host it, has been contacted with Iraqi brothers and the World Bank, and began to clear picture in this conference."
"The conference includes development dimensions, the participation of the private sector in the reconstruction of Iraq, and the World Bank will participate as a major contributor to the conference to provide the required guarantees for the private sector," the Kuwaiti official said. "The World Bank needs guarantees for investment and participation in the development of Iraq. "He said.
He pointed out that "the first day of the conference will be dedicated to civil society organizations; while the second day will be dedicated to the private sector, and the third to announce the contributions of countries."
In turn, the Secretary-General of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, Mehdi Alalak, that "the conference will not be traditionally, will be announced investment opportunities, which will be a main pillar, and will be preparing investment plans and reports on the extent of damage, according to specialized field studies.
"A report will be published on the 13th of this month on the amount of destruction and the amounts needed for the reconstruction of Iraq on the official website of the conference," Al-Aalak said.
He pointed out that "the conference will discuss the issue of securing humanitarian operations in the liberated regions of the preacher," stressing "his confidence in the success of Kuwait to organize the conference," pointing out that "the amount needed by Iraq for reconstruction at least 100 billion dollars, to support the affected housing sector Significantly, and also the oil and telecommunications sectors and basic industries and services. "