Deputy: Parliament will approve the budget next weekend whether the Kurds participated or not



The secretary-general of the Islamic Union of Iraqi Turkmen MP Jassem Mohammad Jaafar al-Bayati said Thursday that the House of Representatives will go to approve the budget at the end of next week, whether the Kurds participated or did not participate, noting that delaying the adoption of the budget "treason."

Al-Bayati said in an interview that "Parliament is serious aboutdiscussing the budget next week under the dome of the parliament and find the natural transfers authorized by the Constitution and the internal system and works impossible to convince the Kurds to be active in the debate, and some transfers and the limits of the promise made by the Prime Minister himself from the abundance that is available The future of increasing oil prices or some regular transfers and salaries of staff of the region, "noting that" the Council will go to approve the budget at the end of the week whether the Kurds participated or did not participate. "

Al-Bayati added that "the House of Representatives will not be subject to hegemony and zeal and impose certain proportions outside justice and equality, and 17% of the past," calling on the provincial government "to return the amounts received without right and equal budget in the last 14 years being a debt to other provinces and amounts Others identified by federal financial oversight. "

He added that "the postponement of the budget embezzlement is a great betrayal of the homeland and can not be honored separatists by delaying approval," explaining that "the presence of the Prime Minister to the House of Representatives dissolved many of the problems raised on the budget by the provinces petrodollar and alliance of forces and parties of the Kurdistan Alliance."

He stressed that "everyone is ready for the burden of the budget," calling on the Kurds to "participate in the process."

And considered the MP for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Rizan Sheikh Delir, on Thursday, that the passage of the draft financial budget for the year 2018 without the consent of the Kurdish deputies, "a threat" to Iraq, noting that the meeting Abadi and the Kurdish MPs was "a conclusion" and did not see a formula for a solution on Share of Kurdistan in the budget.