Deputy: delayed adoption of the budget because of the region and US pressure

2018/2/9 11:11


Rep. Of the coalition of state law, Fardous Al-Awadi, that the discussions on the budget for the year 2018 took more than the size.
Al-Awadi said in a statement today, the agency received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "the method of consensus on the budget will satisfy the parties and political blocs do not satisfythe Iraqi people, as it is unreasonable to delay the passage of the budget so far to satisfy the Kurdistan Regional Government and under pressure An American is trying to grant this government more than the benefits of the rest of the provinces through the terms of the World Bank for loans, which were pledged by the wealth of Iraq.
She added that "the House of Representatives must work in accordance with the legal framework and to vote on the budget without wasting more time that began to go unjustifiably," noting that "the failure to pass the budget after two months of its fiscal year is a major failure in the work of the Council Deputies ".
"The political blocs should not succumb to outside pressures, especially the US, as the parliament's vote on the budget is a challenge to these pressures and a big blow to America, which usually carries suspicious agendas that damaged Iraq over 14 years." She said.