America shocked Iraq at the Kuwait conference

Posted, 2018/2/9 23:14


(International: al-Furat News) US and Western officials revealed the news may be "shock" to Iraq.
They told Reuters the United States had no plans to contribute any money at an Iraq reconstruction conference to be held in Kuwait next week.
The conference aims to discuss Iraq's reconstruction after the war.
Analysts promised the move could pose a new blowto the US international standing.
"We do not intend to announce anything," a US official told Reuters on Thursday regarding financial assistance at the conference, which will be attended by Foreign Secretary Rex Tillerson.
But the official said Tillerson might decide to make a US contribution ahead of the conference.
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will travel to Kuwait, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt from February 11 to 16.
He heads his delegation at the ministerial meeting of the International Coalition for a landslide defeat and participates in the Iraq reconstruction conference scheduled in Kuwait.