Trump describes Iraqi officials as a group of thieves

Sat, 10 Feb 2018 13:07:30


US President Donald Trump on Saturday described Iraqi officials he recently met at the White House as "the most brilliant group of thieves" he has ever met.

"The latest of Trump's own comments about Iraqi officials came out after a delegation of them visited the president earlier in the Oval Office, describing them as" the bandits of a group of thieves I met in my life, "Newsweek reported in a report. .

"The comment was a joke, but Trump seems to indicate that Iraqi officials have stolen from the US $ 1.7 billion in humanitarian assistance to Iraq since 2014 that is in the infrastructure and economy, headed by the thief," a US official was quoted as saying. Grand Nuri al-Maliki. "

"This is not the first time that Trump has accused Iraqi officials of stealing from US coffers. In his presidential campaign, he said Iraq is as crippled as hell," the report said. Trump also accused some US soldiers of stealing when he said, "I want to know who the soldiers were, because I think they are living well, no matter what they are."