Jubouri: Budget did not meet the legal and constitutional requirements

2018/2/12 14:48


Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim al-Jubouri that the budget did not meet the requirements of legal and constitutional.
He said during a press conference held today at parliament that "the budget delayed access to the House of Representatives 49 daysfrom the constitutional date," calling for "the allocation of 20% to cover the benefits of provinces producing oil."
He added that "the people of the liberated provinces are demanding the disbursement of loans and salaries accumulated, and the MPs of Kurdistan have made many observations on the budget of 2018."
Jubouri said that "the revised budget received by the House of Representatives last week did not include any of the amendments demanded by the political blocs."
He pointed out that "the direction of the House of Representatives is the absence of the need for the process of withholding employees' salaries," confirmed "keenness of parliament to discuss the draft budget in the coming sessions and to ensure the state of consensus in the vote on them."

He explained that "the article relating to those who proved corruption and included amnesty should have been included in the paragraphs of the amendment of the election law and will be discussed with the Legal Committee to address it."
"The House of Representatives contributed through the heads of four committees at the Kuwait conference," Jubouri told Kuwait International Conference on Iraq Reconstruction.
He pointed out that "the addition of any paragraph in the agenda of the session of the House of Representatives comes approval by members."
Jubouri pointed out that "the water crisis requires our attention and the Water Committee has discussions now on the subject."