International organizations pledge more than $ 330 million to Iraq

2018/2/12 14:03


(AFP) - International non-governmental organizations, international relief associations, public benefit societies and Kuwaiti relief societies pledged Monday to make pledges worth 330.130 million US dollars as relief and development programs for the Iraqi people.
This was in accordance with the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) in a pledge session held on the sidelines of a conferenceof non-governmental organizations to support the humanitarian situation in Iraq in the presence of Sheikh Sabah al-Khalid al-Hamad al-Sabah, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Kuwait.
The Kuwait Islamic Charitable Society pledged $ 10 million, the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, the Zakat House and the General Secretariat of Awqaf $ 35 million, the Kuwait Welfare Society for $ 15 million, the Kuwaiti Relief Society of $ 10 million, the Al Najat Charity Association of 10 million dollars, The Kuwaiti Reform Society of 10 million dollars, the Kuwait Heritage Society of 10 million dollars, the Abdullah Al-Nouri Kuwaiti Society of 5 million dollars, the Kuwaiti Patients Aid Fund of five million dollars and the Kuwait Red Crescent Society $ 2.5 million.
The State Committee of the Red Cross said "the implementation of programs in Iraq worth 130 million dollars, while pledged to the {Seysur Islamk] French pledges of four million dollars, the Association« Islamik Relayev »British four million dollars and the institution of education {above all} country 13.430 million dollars, The Qatar Charity Association has donated $ 5 million,
and the British Human Rights Foundation has pledged $ 30 million, the Turkish relief agency $ 10 million, the World Islamic Relief Organization of the Muslim World League $ 2.7 million, While the Iraqi Medical Association announced the provision of 1.5 million dollars
The conference of non-governmental organizations will be held in conjunction with the Kuwait International Conference for the reconstruction of Iraq, hosted by Kuwait today and until February 14 to mobilize international support for plans for the reconstruction of Iraq.