Falcons cell reveals the latest information about the status of al-Baghdadi

2018/2/12 9:09


The head of the intelligence hawks' cell and director of intelligence and counterterrorism at the Interior Ministry, Abu Ali al-Basri, revealed the health condition of a terrorist leader called Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
Al-Basri newspaper reported on the deterioration of the health and psychological condition of the criminal Ibrahim Awad al-Samarrai, nicknamed "Baghdadi" and the recent introduction to a hospital in Damascus for the deterioration of hispsychological condition, as well as to treat fractures and serious wounds in his leg and body prevented him from walking alone " "The
head of the Falcons cell, that" the criminal Baghdadi is still in the area of ​​the Syrian island near the borders of Iraq, denying at the same time to escape to another area. "
He said:" We have information and documents from our sources infiltrating the body of the terrorist entity is beyond doubt, Stating that the criminal Baghdadi is still up Today, with the help of his aides in the area of ​​the Syrian island, "he said," he is now living his last days.
"Abu Ali al-Basri described the criminal case of al-Baghdadi as" serious, according to the findings of the secret surveillance of the falcon cell and the latest medical tests, as well as diabetes. "