Kuwaiti official: large turnout and enthusiasm to invest in Iraq

2018/2/13 11:02


Kuwait's International Conference on Iraq's Reconstruction is the beginning of the security and development phase in the region, Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) president Ali al-Ghanim said Tuesday.
Al-Ghanim said during the opening session of the conference program "Invest in Iraq" within the framework of the KuwaitInternational Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq, which began in Kuwait on Monday and continues until Wednesday. "Kuwait does not consider the conference as a new experience that enshrines Kuwait's regional, Arab and international role, A pioneering experience in restoring Arab-Arab relations from the perspective and interests of the future. "
Al-Ghanim considered the conference as an investment event which includes about 1500 companies from 50 countries who have learned the importance of projects and indications of the reconstruction of a country in the size, place, potential and suffering of Iraq.
He added that the companies have accepted with optimism and enthusiasm to participate in this economic, political and humanitarian opportunity at the same time, recalling the seriousness, efficiency and success of previous experiences of the State of Kuwait.
He said that all national, regional and international bodies cooperating in organizing this conference know that the second day represents the real economic pulse, especially as it is related to the participation of the international private sector in the ownership and financing of development projects posed by Iraq.
He stressed that the participation of the private sector should be larger and far more influential and profound, pointing out that "the program today is full of clarification of the nature of the unprecedented guarantees enjoyed by these projects as well as the form of support received by investors."
The program is also rich in personalities involved alongside the owners of expertise and competence of the administrative and technical leaders in Iraq and international development institutions will take the platform conference Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States and the Iraqi Minister of planning and Chairman of the Committee on economy and investment in the Iraqi parliament.
He said the state Alco Not only looks at the conference as a global mobilization of development but also sees it as an Iraqi and regional declaration of the end of the stage of instability and the beginning of the stage of security and development in the region as a whole. "
He expressed his hope that Kuwait would host or possibly host Iraq's reconstruction conference and the Yemen reconstruction conference soon.
He pointed out that Kuwait does not consider this conference merely a new experiment that devotes its regional, Arab and international role and the truth of its developmental and humanitarian endeavors, but a pioneering and important experience in restoring Arab-Arab relations from the perspective of the future, reconciliation and progress.
Kuwait is qualified to be the main gate for the reconstruction of Iraq due to the geographical proximity of Kuwait and its social and economic integration and the use of its infrastructure and the efficiency of the institutional structure, democracy, judiciary and the banking system.
For his part, the Minister of Planning Salman Jumaili in his speech investors to enter the Iraqi market and see the investment opportunities provided by the Iraqi government, which provided guarantees to investors.
He said that the Iraqi government has enacted laws that grant guarantees for investment and facilitate their procedures, stressing that contributing to the process of reconstruction through entering Iraqi investments represents a message of love, peace and stability, especially as stability of Iraq represents stability for the whole region.