Kurdish deputy: infallible will not ratify the budget law if it includes irregularities



The MP of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Abdul Qadir Mohammed, on Thursday, that President Fuad Masum will not vote on the budget law in the event of the law included legal or constitutional violations, while considered infallible does not interfere in the controversialissues between Baghdad and Erbil as a "party to a dispute."

"The president of the republic does not interfere with the controversial issues between the Kurdistan region and the federal government as a party to a dispute or a dispute, especially with regard to the laws that legislate in parliament and have disagreements or conflicts with the territorial government," Mohammed said in an interview.

He added that "the president's view of the legislated laws are purely Iraqi view according to a legal vision is far from bias to one party without another, so we do not believe that the existence of objections from the region on the essence of the budget will make the Presidency of the Republic to challenge the law or refuses to ratify it."

"The President of the Republic will examine the budget as any other law reaches the presidency from the legal aspects, and in the event of violations of the law or constitutional it will not be ratified and works to address it so as not to exacerbate differences."

The House of Representatives voted, in its session held on Saturday (March 3, 2018) on the federal budget for the current fiscal year boycotting the Kurdish deputies.