Parliamentary Finance for / Mawazin News /: IMF refused to pass the budget and waved punish Baghdad

2018-03-10 at 18:42 (Baghdad time)


Special / Mawazine News
The decision of the parliamentary finance committee, Ahmed Hama Rashid, on Saturday, the failure of the federal government to convince the International Monetary Fund on the passage of the budget, while noting that the IMF expressed its strong resentment of increased governmentspending and the inclusion of degrees of employment.
"The International Monetary Fund has officially informed Baghdad of its disapproval and its refusal to pass the financial budget by increasing government spending and the inclusion of functional grades in the financial budget after his request earlier to reduce government expenses," Rashid told Mawazine News.
He added that "the Fund will end its cooperation with Baghdad in the area of ​​transparency and prevent the granting of loans during the current year as well as reducing Iraq's credit rating of private banks to the detriment of Iraq's economic interests," noting that "the government will be forced in the new tension between them and the International Monetary Fund to respond to some Demands and end the crisis before it is too late. "
The House of Representatives ended on Saturday (March 3, 2018), marathon the budget by voting on its paragraphs, to go a long way and resolve the debate has been going on for months by approving the general budget for 2018 deficit exceeded the 12 trillion and 514 billion Iraqi dinars.