Deputy: All the foreign experts whom Abadi brought to fight corruption left Iraq

10-03-2018 03:34 PM


Baghdad News -

A member of the legal committee of parliament, high Nassif, on Saturday, the departure of foreign experts who were brought by Prime Minister Haider Abadi to fight corruption in Iraq, noting that they confirmed to Abadi the integrity of all files from the legal point of view.

Nassif said in a press statement that "all the foreign experts whohave been brought by the Prime Minister Haider Abadi left the country," noting that "the last remaining experts are the Algerians who assured Abadi that all the actions taken by the government are correct and peaceful from the legal point of view."

She added that "there is no shortcomings in the files of financial and administrative corruption," noting that "the government has available all the tools and the appropriate ground as well as the support of the people and the reference and took no action."

Nasif criticized Abadi's recent comments on the transfer of corruption investigations out of Iraq, stressing that "it was better to take action against corruption rather than authorization."