Vice: The President of the Republic is biased towards the members of his party and his ratification of the budget is formality

2018/3/12 10:03


[Ayna-Baghdad] A
deputy for the National Alliance, President Fuad Masum, who belongs to the Kurdish nation, accused the Kurds of "delaying" the adoption of the Financial Budget Law of 2018, which was approved by parliament on March 3.
Mansour al-Baiji said in a statement received by the agency of all Iraq [where] a copy of it, "The President of the Republicside to the people of his skin and did not ratify the general budget of the country for this year and this is unacceptable and must be obliged to ratify it even if the ratification of formality and Legal ".
He explained that "the Iraqi constitution is very clear, in the ratification of the President of the Republic on the budget law within 15 days and if not ratified after the passage of this period, the law is ratified in the sense that the Constitution does not care whether the President of the Republic or not ratified to consider that the ratification of the honorable protocol Have legal implications. "
He pointed out that "the government is the party that can appeal the budget paragraphs after it was voted in the House of Representatives and we hope that does not happen until the budget goes and the concerned parties can work through the provision of funds because most of the ministries are almost suspended and can not work because of delayed approval of the budget for the current year "He said.
Al-Baiji explained that "the budget for 2018 for the first time since the fall of the former regime passed by the density of the population of all the provinces of the country without exception, so we hope that the work is done quickly and not delay more, especially as the interests of the people have been disrupted so the competent authorities to work quickly and without any Delay in service to the public good ".
The President of the Republic, Fuad Masum announced yesterday, "The Presidency of the Republic received the Federal Budget Law for 2018 after its approval in Parliament, and legal experts in the presidency are studying the possibility of ratification of the budget if it does not contain technical errors or constitutional imbalance," pointing out that " This measure in order to be reassured after ratification. "
He added that "the presidency will discuss only the errors and gaps in the budget, if any, and not the subject of the proportion of the Kurdistan region in the budget," noting that "if we find a constitutional imbalance, we will contact the House of Representatives in order to reconsider it, and if they are free from mistakes And the constitutional imbalance, the presidency of the Republic will continue to budget naturally. "