Deputy: able to pass the law of oil and gas time remaining of the life of parliament



A member of the Committee on oil and energy parliamentary Razak Muhaibis, on Monday, that the parliament "able" to pass the law of oil and gas in the event sent by the government despite the short life of the current session, while the "consensus" as the main reason to block legislation.

"The law of oil and gas is one of the important and necessary lawsthat were legislated to solve many of the problems that are taking place today," he said in an interview. "The draft law was present in the House of Representatives but the government withdrew it and did not return it until now to Parliament to proceed with its legislation, .

He added that "there are many contacts between us and the Ministerial Energy Committee to urge them to expedite the sending of a copy of the law to us, but the justifications of the Ministerial Committee that the lack of consensus on a certain formula prevents completion," stressing that "the experience of voting on the budget away from consensus and Should be the real beginning of the end of the consensus that hampered many laws, including the law of oil and gas. "

A member of the Committee on Oil and Energy, "Despite the forestry and the short time remaining from the life of the House of Representatives, but if the government sent the draft law at this time, we are fully convinced of the existence and determination to pass during a very record period."

A member of the parliamentary legal committee Ali al-Morshedi ruled out on Sunday the possibility of passing some laws during the current phase, including the law of oil and gas, pointing out that he needs to agree and a long discussion sessions to mature.