Analyst: The World Bank can not stop the budget but it will punish Iraq

12-03-2018 09:55 AM


The economist said that the World Bank does not have the authority to disrupt the budget or return it to parliament in order to vote on it, pointing out that it can punish Iraq with regard to the loans obtained from it.

The goldmaker, that 'the World Bank is demanding Iraq to submitits financial policy and obligations towards him,' noting that 'Iraq has not complied with what was required of the World Bank'.

He added that 'the bank can not stop the budget or obstruction of ratification where it does not have the power to do so, as an internal affair of Iraq,' noting that 'the World Bank can punish Iraq by preventing him from borrowing or apply a special financial policy that makes him financially burdened and may suffer over years of Sanctions imposed by '.

The goldsmith said that 'Iraq was better to provide the World Bank a set of financial commitments and new policy after the adoption of the budget and with who will deal in investment fields.'