Nechirvan Barzani comment on the decision to lift the ban on airports in the region

2018/3/13 15:30


The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) President Nehirvan Barzani on Tuesday welcomed Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi's decision to lift the ban on airports in the Kurdistan region. "If we continue to work with Baghdad in this spirit, we will be able to resolve all outstanding issues, "He said.
He said in a press conference held today in Erbil that "he confirmed during a telephone conversation last night with Abadi on the need toresolve the issues of airports and send salaries of employees of some ministries."
He added that "there is an emphasis on sending salaries of employees of the Kurdistan region by Baghdad, but we are not yet familiar with the details and mechanisms to achieve this."
"We do not expect to solve all our problems with Baghdad in a month or two, but we confirm our position that we continue to take steps to reach the solutions required," he said.
As for the federal budget, Barzani welcomed the rejection by the President of the Republic, Fuad Masoum, the draft law, adding, "We had hoped not to accept the parliamentary blocs pass it in its current form."