Congressional Intelligence: There is no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia

13/03/2018 01:51


Trend Press / Agencies

The US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee has confirmed that there is no evidence of complicity, conspiracy or conspiracy between Trump and Russia after an investigation into charges against US President Donald Trump over Russia's intervention in the 2016 US presidential campaign.

The Republican-dominated House of Representatives Intelligence Committee on Monday announced the main resultsof its investigation into suspicions of Russia's intervention in the US presidential election campaign in 2016.

The Commission's statement stated that among the conclusions reached by its investigation and approved by the Republican members, the confirmation that "no evidence of complicity, coordination or conspiracy between the Trump and the Russians"He said.

The Commission also rejected the conclusion reached by the US intelligence services and was announced in January 2017 that Russian President Vladimir Putin would have preferred to win the US presidential election in 2016 Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton.

The Commission also noted in the summary of the investigation published on its website to "controversial contacts between senior intelligence officials (under Obama) and the media." The report of the Committee is contained in 150 pages and consists of 40 "core abstracts" and more than 25 recommendations.

The report will be submitted to the democratic minority for comment, before the Committee votes to allow its publication.