Communications: The coming days will see the Internet at high speed and at a lower cost

2018/4/6 11:59


[Oan- follow - up]
the Ministry of Communications announced that the coming days will witness the processing companies and citizens with high - speed Internet services in exchange for lower cost and in light of the start of the process of implementation and operation of the project optical cable , which was completedcompletion of infrastructure has projects near the opening of the national project.
Spokesman Hazem Mohammad Ali said in a press statement that the delivery and delivery features started with regard to the national project, which he said will be an important factor in improving the internet service, where the citizen will feel the efficiency of the service.
He pointed to the Ministry's announcement of significant reductions in the provision of Internet service in return for access to service characterized by quality and quantity.
He also pointed to the ministry's intention to contract owners of Internet towers to deliver the service to citizens via optical cable, pointing out at the same time that the telecommunications company has become a profitable company after having previously lost debt owed up to 700 billion dinars.