Modern technology is entering the financial sector

07/4/2018 12:00 am


Baghdad / Al-Sabah
The transfer of advanced technology represents an important step to activate the banking services, which represent the nerve of economic development sought by the country, which requires us to start where the world ended to keep pace with developments in the field of the financial sector.
A member of the Baghdad Economic Forum Jassem Al-Aradi stressed the need to "open up to successful regional and international experiences in thebanking sector and work on transferring them to Iraq, which is directed towards a major development process in all productive and service sectors." Big figures praised Aradi on the South Bank of the adoption of automating paper - based processes and vital characteristics of the system, he said: " The availability of human resources helps greatly in the mastery of advanced systems needed by the international effort and local , which will adopt the construction and reconstruction process, as it requires banks have the capacity to deal with Big numbers ". 01 Systems will implement this strategy in several stages, starting with automating ATM services through the implementation of the "digital coupon" system, which allows the customer to perform several operations Such as dragging, depositing and converting in branches via a tablet easily and without the need to use traditional paper coupons or even help the exchange officer. Special devices The second stage of the digital transformation process comes through the application of the system of automatic identification of the customer through the vital characteristics; the importance of this system in that it allows the bank to identify the customer without the need for a personal identification card, and this by checking the vital characteristics of the arteries of the finger The customer through special devices that allow the bank to verify the identity of the client, which will solve the problem of fraud and accelerate the process of verification of the identity of the client. This system is characterized by a high level of security where all data related to the process is encrypted by the electronic device used in addition to the encryption provided by the program. The Bank of the South customers will be able to benefit from these services in all branches, thus the Bank of the South is the first bank to provide these quality services in Iraq. Monetary bloc Aradi stressed that "this experience should be expanded to serve the Iraqi economy and enhance confidence between the citizen and the banking system, which in turn operates on monetary mass compacta in homes transfer to the banking system and investment in favor of sustainable development sought by Iraq, and the adoption of banking systems in the Bank Moin creates competition between banks and makes them racing in the development of systems and modernization, and this benefit of the Iraqi financial sector and make it a real competitor to regional and international banks. Safar One Systems has signed an agreement with the Bank to implement the Business Process Management and Electronic Archiving System to manage and automate banking operations with the latest methods and latest knowledge in this field.