Baiji refinery reopens after 4-year hiatus

2018/4/13 16:18


Salah al-Din: Al-Furat News} The refinery of Baiji north of Salah ad Din province resumed its work after a four-year hiatus after the occupation of the terrorist gangs in Mosul and extended it to the governorate in June 2014. The refinery was heavily sabotaged.
According to the correspondent of the agency {Euphrates News} that "after a break of 4 years, was loaded today the first tank of crude oil from Baiji refinery."
Prior to the fall of Mosul, the refinery's capacity was300,000 barrels per day of various derivatives.
The Ministry of Oil announced on 29 January last, the start of the comprehensive rehabilitation of the production unit Salahuddin / 2 in the refinery Baiji Salahaddin province.
Oil Minister Jabbar Ali al-Allaibi said that "the ministry has set a ceiling of 6-9 months to complete the rehabilitation of this unit, stressing that he instructed the oil companies in the north, center and south to unite their efforts and employ them to achieve the ministry's goal to restart the refinery, The equipment, devices, tanks and pipelines for the oil companies in support and support the rehabilitation and operation of the refinery Baiji in the province of Salah al-Din Al-
Allaibi said that the ministry has developed plans to rehabilitate and operate the production unit Salahaddin / 1, and the card 70 thousand barrels per day