Barzani: We will not waive constitutional Article 140

April 16, 2018 | 2:49 PM


Iraqi Position Network

The adviser of the Security Council of the Kurdistan region, "pleased Barzani," on Monday, the government in Baghdad to hand over the rights of the Peshmerga, between Erbil carried out the provisions of the Constitution on its part, and waiting from Baghdad the same thing.

"Barzani," in an interview with him and his "Iraqi position" during his meetingwith the head of the security coordination office in the US Embassy in Iraq, General Perry Baker in Arbil, the Peshmerga constitutional forces and within the Iraqi defense organization and should accordingly provide all the requirements and rights.

"Barzani," "The Kurdistan region has complied with the Iraqi constitution and applied its provisions, so it should receive full constitutional rights in return."

"Barzani," the need to apply Article 140 by the Government of Baghdad, according to appropriate mechanisms, pointing out that "the implementation of the provisions of the Constitution cut the way to the growth of terrorism and return." For his part, Baker said that "security and stability need a culture of coexistence and accept others and the need for dialogue to resolve all Outstanding problems ".