Iraq closes the doors of polling stations and opens a new political page of its history

2018-05-12 at 17:58 (Baghdad time)


Mawazine News
With the closure of the doors of polling stations across the country, Saturday, Iraqis hope to open a new page after the stage of urging reconstruction and improve services with the advent of the new government.
And closed its doors at six o'clock in the evening after it opened at 7am in the middle of the aspirations of a page and a bright page and start a bright page for future generations.
And started on Saturday morning, the general election for the elections of the House of Representatives in Baghdad and all 18 provinces of Iraq, while witnessed the capital and cities to impose a curfew to increase the procedures to secure the elections, while Prime Minister Haider Abadi directive to cancel the curfew in all parts of Iraq.