National coalition calls for re-election and the formation of the caretaker government

2018/5/13 14:29


called a national coalition headed by Iyad Allawi to re-election and the formation of the caretaker government.
"In view of the Iraqi people's reluctance to participate in the elections in large numbers, the spread of violence, fraud, deception, buying of votes and exploitation of the conditions of displaced and displaced persons," he said in a press release.
"In addition to the blurry measures taken by the ElectoralCommission in electronic voting after the citizen used to different procedures in all previous elections, and what results in such a reluctance of the legislature imposed on the citizen away from his desire, as well as a weak government does not have the confidence required for its success "
He called on the National Coalition to" re-election while keeping the current government to conduct business, until the provision of conditions for the holding of elections reflect the aspirations of our people. "