The British Foreign Ministry reveals the real percentage of participation in the elections and sends them to the United Nations and the Security Council!

Sunday, May 13, 2018 at 14:53 pm


Follow-up / Sky Press

British political sources revealed on Sunday the real participation rate in the Iraqi elections, which amounted to 19.32% according to the source.

The sources said in a report reported to the Security Council by the British Foreign Office, that the participation rate in the Iraqi elections yesterday amounted to 19.32% for all of Iraq.

The sources pointed out that the proportion that is universallyassessed by the international organization, is illegal, and therefore considered the Iraqi elections by law is not recognized internationally because it is less than the proportion specified globally.

According to the sources, the British Foreign Office has sent this percentage to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and to the States members of the Security Council so as not to falsify and legitimize the rigged elections that have become outside the minimum international legitimacy for the recognition of internationally.