Al-Abbadi coalition: We lead the election results by 10 seats from the others

2018-05-13 at 14:49 (Baghdad time)


Baghdad - Mawazine News
A spokesman for Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi's "Victory Coalition" on Sunday issued the list in the preliminary results of the parliamentary elections by 10 seats from Sadr's "list of followers".
"We are now leading the results of the elections and 10 seats awayfrom the nearest competitors," spokesman Hussein al-Adli told the Sputnik news agency.
And on the future alliances to form the government and what are the political forces closest to the coalition of victory explained Al-Adli that "this subject is premature and that the coalition needs first to know the electoral size of each block and its political electoral platform and then to the stage of negotiations."
In Iraq yesterday, elections for the election of a new parliament with a participation rate of 44.52 percent, according to the Electoral Commission for elections in the country amid doubts and accusations from several political forces of the occurrence of fraud and manipulation of votes in the preliminary results of informal, while sources in the Commission to announce the final results on Monday 29 / h