Constitutionally know the 9 steps to form the Iraqi government

2018/05/14 10:16


Baghdad today - follow-up

As soon as the final results of the elections are announced, 9 steps must be taken to form the Iraqi government, according to Aldsor.

The steps, according to the Iraqi constitution, include an invitation from President Fuad Masum, the new parliament, to convenewithin 15 days of the announcement of the results.

Parliament then elects a speaker and two deputies by an absolute majority in the first session. Parliament then elects a new president by a two-thirds majority of deputies within 30 days of the first meeting. The new president nominates the candidate of the largest bloc in parliament to form the government.

According to the constitution, the prime minister-designate has 30 days to form a government and submit it to Parliament for approval.

Parliament must approve the government program and each minister separately in a separate vote by an absolute majority.

The last option is that if the prime minister-designate fails to form a coalition government within 30 days or if the parliament rejects the government proposed by the prime minister-designate, the president must appoint another candidate to form the government within 15 days.