American Institute: Abadi will not be able to form the next government and why?



WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will not be able to form the next government due to the lack of votes he received in the parliamentary elections, while publicly admitting that Abadi is a candidate favored by the Americans, an expert at the Washington Institute said on Monday.

"Abadi will not have votes to form the government entirely, but hewill have to form coalitions and coalitions to form a government. It is not known if he will try to appease the Shiite bloc first, Sunni and Kurdish," Wahhab said in comments published by the Riyadh newspaper.

"Abadi is one of the candidates who are favored by the Americans. He is seen as a representative of a moderate line compared to the Fatah movement. He is a middle man who took matters in balance and good relations with Saudi Arabia and America."

"I do not have a big chance because it does not have a" marginal "cause that it promotes, or a party or group that can get votes for it," Bilal said.