UNHCR reveals its exposure to great pressure to change the election results (expanded)

2018/5/16 17:53 results (expanded)


[Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Independent Electoral Commission revealed that it was under tremendous pressure to change the results of parliamentary elections.
"Many of our employees have been threatened with death by certain political parties who have put pressure on Kirkuk, and wehave submitted a committee from the National Office and they have not been allowed to perform their work in the audit process and bring in some complaints," the head of the constituency, Riad Badran, told a news conference in Baghdad today. "Prime Minister Haider Abadi to provide adequate protection for the election institution as well as members of the Board of Commissioners, who have been threatened by certain parties."
"We have employees by virtue of the hostages in the Office of the Electoral Commission of Kirkuk and the Office of the elections in the district of Daqouk and there are gunmen surrounding the centers," adding that "186 stations in Kirkuk has not yet sent their results."
As for the member of the Board of Commissioners Said Kakaie and modern about the existence of electoral violations, Badran pointed out that "Kaki was threatened by a certain political entity and understand the pressure exerted on him."
"We assure everyone that the Commission maintains the electoral process and the public interest of the institution and the electoral process and all the pressures exerted or practiced on them and we are determined to make the electoral process successful and the results will be announced within the next two days."
"There is no justification for re-counting and manual counting because it will enter the electoral process for a new problem and disrupt the process of announcing the election results," Badran said.
He stressed that "the Commission is still coherent despite the pressures they are subjected to, and the electronic system is good and distinct despite the harassment."