Badran acknowledges the existence of 800,000 ballot papers that were illegally placed in the ballot boxes

Policy 2018/06/09 09:56


Baghdad today - Baghdad

The head of the electoral administration in the Independent High Electoral Commission, Riad Badran, who are in charge of the mechanism of counting and sorting, to pay attention to the existence of 300 thousand paper stuffing and about 500 thousand blank papers placed in the ballot boxes.

Badran said in a televised interviewthat "the people of counting and sorting machines should pay attention to the fact that there are 300 sheets of stuffing and about 500,000 blank papers." There are about 170,000 stuffing paper in Baghdad.

He said that "the issue of counting and sorting by hand do not give up sensitivity and gravity."

" This statement alone is sufficient to try the members of the Board of Commissioners," said MP Hanan al-Fatlawi, head of the Irada movement .

" Why did you not declare this before and why do you announce it now after the decision of manual counting and sorting, is it the fear of uncovering the hidden? " Asked Fattalawi , in a leaflet on her Facebook page .

"If you know that some of your staff stuffed 300,000 fake ballot papers, why did not you bring them to court to try them on charges of forgery and treason?"

The Iraqi Council of Representatives has voted, Wednesday (6 June 2018), on the whole paragraphs of the Third Amendment Law of the Law of the House of Representatives elections.

The provisions of the third amendment included the re-counting and manual counting of the results of the elections, and the suspension of the work of the Board of Commissioners and directors of offices in the provinces of the Commission and replace them with nine judges.

The House of Representatives has also voted to form a fact-finding committee on the elections and the violations that accompanied it.

On Thursday morning, the Supreme Judicial Council announced its approval of the implementation of the third amendment law of the parliamentary elections law.

A spokesman for the Judicial Council, Abdul Sattar Birqdar, said in a statement that "in implementation of the Third Amendment Law of the Election Law 2018 issued on 6/6/2018, the President of the Supreme Judicial Council decided to invite members of the Supreme Judicial Council to meet on Sunday morning 10/6 / 2018 to nominate judges who will be assigned to carry out the work of the Board of Commissioners and supervise the process of manual re-counting and counting of the results of the elections and the naming of judges who will be in charge of the administration of the offices of the Electoral Commission in the provinces.