Smart Card adopts advanced payment systems in Iraq

2018/6/10 11:33


The smart card company in Iraq confirmed the continued modernization of its organizers by adopting the best global systems in the payment structure.
"The specialized teams in [Key Card] are working to follow the developments in the field of payments in various countries of the world and to work to adoptthese developments locally," the company's media advisor, Ghazi al-Kanani, said in a statement.
"The company is working on the transfer of advanced technology in this important joint, which carries great advantages to the domestic financial sector, and is working to change the form of financial transactions."
Kanani pointed out that "a field of work the size of the Iraqi market desperately need to start where the world ended in this area, where it requires the reality of flexible and guaranteed transactions, and this is what the company provides."
The smart card company provides services to a wide segment within the Iraqi market from various segments of the community.