URGENT Security of Baghdad: burning of the ballot boxes completely in the fire Rusafa

2018/6/10 18:05


{Baghdad: Al Furat News} The Security Committee in the Baghdad Provincial Council, the burning of the boxes completely damaged by the fire that broke out in the stores of trade in the side of Rusafa on Sunday noon.
"The fire broke out in one of the warehouses belonging to the Electoral Commission in Baghdad, which contains voter registration papers from the last elections," the deputy head of the committee, Mohammed al-Rubaie, told a press conference. "The civil defense teams are trying to control the fire."
He added that "the fire that broke out today afternoon in Rusafa side of the capital targeted the warehouses of the Ministry of Commerce, which UNHCR rented to put the ballot boxes inside, noting that these funds burned completely."
A huge fire broke out in the stores of trade on the street of Feltin in the Rusafa side east of the capital Baghdad targeted the ballot boxes for the parliamentary elections held on 12 May.
Civil defense teams struggled to put out the fire and an Interior Ministry spokesman said some of the boxes had been salvaged and the fire was over