Jubouri calls for re-election after the burning of private ballot boxes in Rusafa

2018-06-10 at 18:25 (Baghdad time)


Reuters) - The head of the parliament, Salim al-Jubouri, said on Sunday that the burning of the warehouses of the ballot boxes in the Rusafa area is a deliberate act and a planned crime aimed at hiding cases of manipulation and falsification of votes and deceiving the Iraqi people and changing their will and choice.
"We call for the re-election after it has been proved to be fraudulent,manipulating its results and falsifying the will of the Iraqi people in a deliberate and dangerous manner, and pursuing those who contributed to the fraud and sabotage operations," Jubouri said in a statement received by Mawazine News.
"We also call on the security services and the competent authorities in Baghdad to take strict investigative and security measures commensurate with the size of this disgraceful crime, and expose its circumstances and expose all those behind it as soon as possible."
Al-Jabouri called on the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, the regulatory institutions and the media to "follow up on the details of this matter, and its statement to the people and reveal its details in all transparency and impartiality."
The deputy chairman of the security committee in the Baghdad Provincial Council Mohammed al-Rubaie earlier in the day, the burning of ballot boxes for the elections to the side of Rusafa result of a fire whose causes are not known so far.
It is noteworthy that the parliament voted on Wednesday to re-counting and sorting the votes of parliamentary elections manually and freeze the work of the Electoral Commission and the assignment of judges instead of them to oversee the counting process.
Some political blocs considered that the parliament's decision came to bring some of the losers back to parliament.
On May 12, 2018, Iraqis voted for a new parliament to represent them for a period of four years, while the Commission announced the participation of 44% of voters.