Allawi calls for a referendum to determine whether to proceed with elections or adopt new ones

2018-06-11 at 13:36 (Baghdad time)


Baghdad - Mawazine News
The leader of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, called on Monday to hold a referendum to determine whether to proceed with the contested elections or to adopt new ones.
Allawi said in a statement received by "Mawazine News" that "serious accumulations based on wrong practices exceeded all borders until it reached the file of elections," noting that "this causedthe complexity of the political process and increased the weakness and disintegration."
He added that "based on the burning of ballot boxes in Rusafa as part of the series of aborting the elections, and based on the reluctance of the Iraqi people to participate in the elections, there must be a formula to restore the people's confidence in the political process and electoral by involving him in decision-making."
Allawi called for "the need to hold a referendum to determine the continuation of the adoption of contested elections or the adoption of new elections in normal circumstances under the supervision of the United Nations and the management of the Iraqi judiciary and accept the results that result from whatever.
Yesterday afternoon, a fire broke out inside the UNHCR warehouses in the Rusafa polling office. The Civil Defense and Criminal Evidence Teams and the Criminal Investigations Directorate managed to control the fire and not extend it to the ballot boxes and ballot papers.