Trump and Aoun conclude the Singapore summit with a comprehensive historical document [expanded]

2018/6/12 9:06


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conclude President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong - un historic summit in Singapore, have signed the document described the US president as "comprehensive", after about two hours of negotiations that could pave the way for the disarmament of Pyongyang 's nuclear system.
The content of the joint document has yet to be disclosed, butPresident Trump has indicated that North Korea's nuclear disarmament measures will begin very quickly.
Trump said he was "proud" of the summit, noting that the relationship on the Korean Peninsula would be quite different, pointing to the existence of "many good intentions" and that the parties developed a "special link."
When asked whether he would invite Kim to the White House, President Trump replied "definitely".
Kim said the United States and North Korea had decided to close the page and sign a historic document, expressing deep gratitude for President Trump's efforts to make the summit possible.
Trump went out with Kim after a working lunch bringing together the US and North Korean delegations, and walked together in front of the press delegations.
Trump said in a brief statement that the meeting had exceeded expectations, and both parties had made significant progress.
Trump and Kim held bilateral talks attended by only interpreters, described by the US president as "very good," and predicted that the North Korean leader could "solve a big problem ... a big dilemma."
"With the joint effort with Kim, we will be able to solve the North Korean nuclear problem," Trump said.
At the start of the meeting, Trump expressed optimism about the success of the summit. He said he expected to build a "wonderful" relationship between the two sides. The North Korean leader said that "practices and prejudices in the past have been obstacles to our progress, but we have overcome them all and we are here today."
After the bilateral meeting, the US and North Korean delegations headed by Trump and Kim held an extensive meeting in which Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and National Security Adviser John Bolton attended the meeting.
The Summit discussed three issues: nuclear disarmament, ensuring North Korea's security and the actions that the parties will take to implement their obligations under their agreement.
President Trump shook hands with the North Korean leader at the start of the summit in Singapore, becoming the first US president to begin direct negotiations with Pyongyang.